17 Aug 2018
Jenny's Story
Jenny Miles, Woodford Homecare 1995-2016

The obvious mutual affection and respect between Jenny and Sheela jumps out of the photograph and epitomises the caring relationship that began back in 2000 when we started to provide care and support for Sheela. Both women had strong characters, impish natures and loved to laugh. During this time, Jenny came to be regarded as part of Sheela's extended family having seen grandchildren grow from toddlers to teenagers. The list of others she supported over her 21 years would fill this page.

When Jenny suddenly passed away, her loss understandably was felt by everyone in the Woodford team and profoundly so by the people she supported and their families. Jenny was our scarlet pimpernel, trustworthy, adaptable, reliable, resourceful, kind and compassionate and a great team player so it was no surprise when reviewing our values statement that we decided to honour Jenny's legacy and the values & standards she has left with us.

•Making a difference





Jenny's impact on Woodford lives on. Sadly missed, never forgotten.