Danielle Perry
Quality & Compliance Lead

Danielle started her journey in Adult Social Care at the age of 16, unaware of what it may hold for the future, what relationships she may build or what she may experience along the way.

With a nature to care and support people and enjoy the happiness on individuals faces, it was clear at an early-stage Danielle was always going to thrive.

5 years later, Danielle has said “I have met a lot of amazing people on my journey so far, gained a lot of confidence within myself and have been able to support vulnerable adults with pleasure. It is not always easy and there are most definitely sometimes challenges, however our role is always rewarding, being able to be the reason an individual can live independently at home around the things/people they love is always fulfilling”.

Danielle has completed many training courses along her journey to support her with her learning and development and successfully completed her Apprenticeship Level 3 Diploma in Adult Social Care which has enabled her to progress to the role she is conducting today.